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Monday, February 20, 2012

Our Life in the Past Ten Months Series...Post 2

The next part of our journey in California finds us at Legoland. This was Joshua's favorite place that we went to. He still talks about Legoland and wants to go back.

Joshua was delighted to see Bob the Builder, especially since he was completely made out of Lego's.

There were airplane rides...

Train Rides...

Corn made out of Lego's

Safari Rides

More airplane rides

Boat rides...

The next few photos are displays that are all made out of Lego's.

We did more rides with Joshua, but since the rest of the events included all three of us, our camera was not aloud to be used during the rides.

Below is a video of Joshua trying to pass a driving test in a Lego go-cart. Thankful it will be many years until Joshua actually drives a car!! The video proves why!! :-) (Sorry, for the slightly blurry video. Our camera was having a hard time focusing...)


James McDonald said...

Joshua's driving skills made me smile. He'll get there - but the insurance rates will be a bit high.


Love y'all!

Abigail said...

Lol! Joshua is so cute! :)

Simply Tiffany said...

LOL...that video is soooo funny! And I have to agree...good thing he's got a few more years to practice! :P

Looks like fun! Can't wait until Lilyana is old enough to go there! Maybe then you'll have to come back so they can go together. :P