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Friday, May 30, 2008

Back To Formula!

Please be in prayer for Joshua and myself (Christa). We had Joshua weighed and looked at yesterday. At three months old, he is only 9 pounds. The doctor told Daniel and I that Joshua really needs to put on some more weight. So, we are back to formula. The only problem is, I am not producing enough milk to feed Joshua. I have tried some things, and will try one more to see if I can produce more. Please be in prayer for me. Because I am taking this really hard, and am not ready to face one more disappointment, I have seemed to have enter into a depression stage. I am not ready to give up nursing my baby, but am hurt when eveyrthing I try is not helping!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three Months and a Hair Cut (Not Joshua)!

This evening I cut Daniel's hair for the first time - with a little help from our neighbor. She did two examples and then let me do the rest while she followed me around! I thought it was fun and I'm all ready for Daniel to need another hair cut!!

Joshua turned 3 months today and he is growing too fast! He has been a joy to our family and we treasure each day we are blessed to spend time with him. He smiles a lot and is finding out he has a voice. He loves to talk to his daddy! He has laughed a couple times, but those have been mostly in his sleep. He actually wakes himself up by laughing! :-)

He has his first airplane ride on June 11th, as he and I make our way up to Illinois to visit my family and meet some of them for the first time (all except Mom and Jessica)! Daniel will join Joshua and I on July 3rd, and spend the 4th of July with my family. We also plan on having Joshua's Baptism on July 6th. Daniel, Joshua, and I make our way home on the 7th.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What A Night!

Last night, after getting a sleepy boy (who did not sleep yesterday) to sleep, Daniel and I nestled down to watch a movie. Fifteen minutes into the movie, we heard a REALLY loud lightening strike that seemed to be right at our window (it lit up the whole room). I was holding Joshua who jumped along with Daniel and I, and than went back to sleep (he was tired!!) Next thing we knew, our building's fire alarm was going off (there are several buildings in our apartment complex).

We were very blessed that the shrieking noise was not going off in our apartment flat, but everyone else's (I was not ready to hear Joshua screaming because the loud noise was hurting his ears!). We had a lady and daughter come into our house so the noise would not hurt her little girl's ears. Her husband was working night shift, and she was pretty scared.

Daniel called the apartment complex, because he tried turning off the smoke detectors in our neighbors flat, but found out that it was not the smoke detector going off. The shrieking (fire alarm) noise was coming from the intercom system that is in every room of the apartment, and impossible for you to turn off. Within about 10 minutes, the fire truck pulled in front of our apartment building, and everyone went out to see it before the rain started coming down.

The fireman came up and asked Daniel if there was any water in any of the flats because the meter was showing that the sprinklers in the apartments were running. The rain started to fall and was getting us drenched, so we went back into the house (I was still holding Joshua, who was STILL asleep!). Daniel managed to get a photo of the night! :-)

This morning, we were told that our building was not the only one that got hit. There was one more, and it was the one right next to us. The lightening struck something which caused the sprinkler system in the apartments to go off. But, the sprinklers were not spraying water in any of the apartment flats! Weird!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008