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Monday, March 26, 2007

Saturday, I had an enjoyable time making two cakes for our Church. The first cake was for a young boy's birthday, and the second was a baptism cake.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Daniel and I have lately enjoyed going bike riding together in the evenings after dinner. We find a park( there are so many trail rides here!), and will be gone for awhile.

Last night Daniel find a longer one, and I looked at it and said,"Lets Go!". On our way there, I pulled out the paper, and found at the very bottom, in smalll, very small print, that it said,"Watch out for snakes" SNAKES!! I really thought about changing my mind until we got there, and than I did not want to leave. Everything looked so beautiful, and so I thought myself, " How many times have you seen snakes in the woods?".

We are riding along, enjoying the view( I am still being very cautious of snakes), when Daniel shouts," I almost ran over one!'! My reaction" Where, Where, Where is it Daniel and keep it away from me!" From then on, I was being REALLY cautious.

I did not see another until our way back. It was on Daniel's side again( I am glad for that, no telling what I would do if it where on my side!), but this time Daniel got off his bike( and asked me to get off mine too), and slowly walked up to this snake( Don't worry Daniel gave the snake his space). He told me to come look at it, I was shocked he would ask that of me! I slowly started to walk up to Daniel. At first I could not see the snake. ( NOTE: If you grew up in my family you would know how I looked at it. I did the same thing I would do with heights!) Not be close, but stand on my toes, and I saw the snake. What did I do? Quickly ran back to my bike got on it, and said I was ready to go!

It took awhile for me to get over the snake! It was so ugly!

Well, now I need to go. I have curtains that need finishing!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just an Update

Well I'd suppose some thought I'd never post on this blog again. I'm sorry to say "your wrong". I enjoy allowing others to keep up with the day to day activites, but that said I can't keep up with the time. The only reason I'm posting right now is because Christa told me "since you have a free second you should post something on the blog.". So that said, here is an update.
My life right now is fairly boring (in some ways). I'm trying to complete the two projects that I'm working on. Actually took Christa to work on Saturday. On a side note, happy be-lated birthdays to my mother, sister Kelly, sister Faith, and my sister-in-law Grace. Sorry this is so late.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Cake Decorating!

This past weekend I had an enjoyable time learning how to decorate a cake( Yes, I know that the letters on the cake are not centered! I am still working on that part! :-) )!

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just Keeping Busy

This past Saturday, Daniel and I enjoyed putting a garden in our backyard. It feels so good to garden again!

Daniel is doing well at work and staying busy. It is neat to see all the work that his does and watch the buildings go up! They say that one building will be done the end of May, and the other one in August, but it looks as though we might be here a little longer than planned!

I am doing well and keeping busy with decorating and cleaning our home. Now that we are unpacked, I can get to the serious cleaning. Today, I have spent my time on my hands and knees scrubing our kitchen floor. After mopping it several times, it would still be sticky and look dirty. As I cleaned up a water spill, I found that our floor has glue on it! No wonder it always looked dirty! Below are some pictures of our tiny garden and the kitchen floor( The dark parts of the floor is the glue and the dirty it was collecting. The last picture is the finished product.).

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Our New Home!

Here are some pictures of our move and our new home. I will be taking more and will put those up soon!