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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Has It Been a Year?

This past year has flown for our little family!  So many different activities have taken place since we came back from California...including moving three times!  There is one thing that remains the same...our Savior has been there for every step that we have taken.

I am preparing for my doctor's appointment tomorrow, and I can not help being excited that it is my last visit in my second trimester!  Next week, the third trimester begins!!

At the same time, I feel like I have a hole in my heart.  This week, we would have been celebrating a little One year old's birthday.  I am very happy that our Shiloh is with the Lord, but sadden at the same time.

God has shown us through Shiloh, that He is faithful and loves His children.  He used Shiloh to get my attention and focus on Christ.  Away from my desire that was starting to be my idol.  Although children may be a blessing, they are also a gift given by God, and in God's timing.

As I sit here typing, I am feeling kicks and elbows.  This little bundle of joy has reminded me of the little ones that I have lost, and yet he constantly reminds me of gratefulness to God!

Every miscarriage is hard, but as long as our focus remains on Christ, He carries us!

I Will Carry You - is known as "Shiloh's Song" is our house.  It has brought many tears, but it reminds us that Christ is with us every step of our lives.