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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Happenings of August

August brought a busy yet fabulous month!! Here is a peek into our past month...

This is Mrs. Rabbit. She loves to visit us in our backyard on a daily basis! In January she had a liter of four little bunnies, but they did not survive the 12 inches of snow that we had. We were thrilled when she had another liter!

Now, we get to see one of the babies hopping around! Joshua loves sitting and watching the bunnies. This one he had tried to reach for, but the bunny was fast and Joshua could not catch it!

Daniel showing off his new grill! He has been enjoying learning how to become a grill expert! Here he was practicing for our cook out with friends. Below are pictures of our event. I wish I had taken more...

Regular hamburger and Coca Cola Burgers

Fabulous guacamole made by Amanda and Rachel!!

A delicious dessert made by Amanda



Rachel and Wesley (and Miss Anna)

Dara (Miss Anna's Mom) and Rachel

We soaked up the rest of the month swimming with Joshua since they were closing the pool soon. Joshua just loves to swim and jumps in by his self now.

Joshua loves jumping off his Daddy' hands and going under the water

Swimming all by himself!!

Joshua loves floating on his back!!

Daniel and I along with Grandpa and Grandma Blanchard took Joshua to his first museum trip!! He enjoyed leaning all of the things around him.

Riding a horse game with Daddy

Daniel teaching Joshua how to dig for dinosaur bones...

Joshua digging on his own

I think he liked digging in the dirt more than digging for dinosaur bones!! By the time we got him in the car after a good day a museum, he fell right to sleep!!