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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Young Living Oils!

After seeing how Young Living Oils have helped our family, we have become Young Living Distributors!! God has giving us these oils to help naturally heal our bodies instead of taking over the counter medicine!!


Look for us at learningthejoysoflife.blogspot.com. We will put up posts as we learn more on how helpful these oils are.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Full of God's Riches Part 2...

The month of May, was a joyous month.

My (Christa) parents came from Illinois to California for the Annual Presbytery of the CPC Churches
. Daniel, Joshua and I were able to attend this year, because it was almost in our backyard. Joshua and I were also able to stay a couple days more to spend time with my family and enjoy the hospitality of the Hector family (Tiffany's In-laws), and they took the time to take us to see Yosemite. Sadly, I have no pictures of Presbytery or the couple of days we spent with the Hector's, but I was able to get some pictures of Yosemite!

My Beautiful Parents, James and Stacy McDonald

My dream when I was younger, and once I had children, was that my parents would be involved in my child's life. This picture put a big smile on my face, and now holds a deep memory in my heart.

Aunts, Uncle, and Nephew all hanging out on a log

June came along and Cars 2 came out. If you know Joshua, you know his favorite movie is Cars. So, the morning after it came out, we surprised Joshua and went to see it. He was thrilled! :)

Not only did we go see a movie, but we did a lot of shopping for clothes and took lots of Mommy and Joshua photos.

We have a friend that works at Universal Studios, so she was able to get us some tickets for a REALLY good price. Joshua enjoyed seeing one of his favorite characters...Curious George.

Our 4th of July was spent with my sister, Tiffany, her husband, Ben, and their beautiful daughter, Lilyana. I would post more pictures, but I am still waiting to get some more from my sister! :)

Our first part of August has started off really busy. Daniel is working around the clock. Many late nights, some night shifts, and working almost every weekend. So, Joshua and I are trying to keep ourselves busy and distracted while Daniel is gone. When Daniel is home, we try to soak up every minute with him, thus meaning, no chores are done. :) This is just the first part of August. Joshua and I leave in two and a half weeks for Texas to go back for a special wedding.

Joshua's John Deere tractor that he made with some help from Mommy

The Many Faces of Joshua....

Goodbye for now!! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Children Are a Gift

Children Are a Gift

By Christa Blanchard

"Behold, children are a gift of the LORD,

The fruit of the womb is a reward." Psalm 127:3

As young ladies in our father's homes, we are taught that children are a blessing and a gift from the Lord. He alone determines the size of our families. It is certainly a blessing to have a peaceful heart knowing that God is in control of our lives. In the following verses we see that the Hebrews regarded children as a blessing from the Lord (see Gen. 13:16; Ruth 4:13-16; 1 Sam. 1:11). They are a reward and heritage, bringing joy to their parents. Rearing a child is a sacred responsibility, and parents must depend on the Lord to help them guide their children.

We see them as a blessing, but do we see them as a gift? Do you enter marriage expecting to have children right away? Or do you plan on waiting a few years or months and then "try"? Are our children born in our timing or God's timing?

The beginning of this verse tells us that "children are a gift from the Lord". If children are truly a gift from the Lord, should we expect to get pregnant in our timing? Should we expect to be pregnant at all? Do you expect a gift from family and friends when your birthday rolls around? Or are you surprised and grateful by the gift they blessed you with?

As women, God puts the longing in our hearts to bear children--to raise children up to the glory of God and to fulfill the mission that God has given to mankind, to be fruitful and multiply. Even though as women we are called to bear children, we still should not expect to be pregnant or even to obtain the number of children we desire.

I am the daughter to two wonderful parents, James and Stacy McDonald, who have ten children and raised me up to love and cherish little ones. I had dreams of having a large family. As a mother of one child, a three-year-old boy, I have struggled for the past two years trying to get pregnant with a second child. I know my husband and I had a hard time getting pregnant with our first, but it did not take this long. We have been to a doctor to see "why" it has taken us so long to conceive another child, and after many doctor visits, the doctor finally told us that we might not get pregnant again.

My husband and I want more children, especially since both of us come from large families, and we know that God opens and closes the womb. We are happy and thankful for the son God has given us, but we did not dream that we would be the parents of only one child.

After struggling for months with being discontent, I found myself missing out on life with my husband and three-year-old because of my obsession with "getting pregnant." Eventually, the Lord brought me to a resting place in Him.

It was this verse that gave me peace: "Children are a gift from the Lord." Children are God's gift, and He either withholds them or grants them to us for His own purpose and glory. Bearing children, as with any gift, is not a blessing to expect or demand. My God is in control!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life Full of God's Riches...

Where has the last five months gone? So much has happened with our family in the last five months. But, with every change, God has lead our family through every happy moment and every trial.


Thankful we celebrated Joshua's 3rd birthday early. We were blessed with my Grandparents coming in to town and blessed to have such wonderful friends to celebrate with us the birth of our son, who was born three years ago.

This years theme was "Toy Story".

Grandma Blanchard, Aunt Kelly, and Aunt Faith also have birthdays in February, so we went to "Medieval Times" to celebrate all the birthdays.

Daniel bought his first truck at the beginning of the month...which he also sold at the end of the month.

Daniel and I were able to have a get-away weekend for just the two of us. We had a wonderful time at Shiloh Morning Inn in Oklahoma, our first Bed and Breakfast.


March brought a lot of confusion, frustration, and tired nights. Daniel's company told us the first of the month that we were moving to California. The company sent Daniel out to California the first week. Which left Joshua and myself to pack up our house, and have everything done by the 9th of March, so we could start our journey to California on the 10th.

Joshua's last night in our home before we left for California

All our belongings went to storage and we only brought our clothes and a couple of toys for Joshua that would fit into our Prius.

Some of the beautiful scenery that we saw on the way to California.

We live petty close to the beach, and have come to enjoy it during the day, or we like to take a stroll in the evening.

Our new Family Photo...

We also live pretty close to this place too...


April brought on a busy month as we learned to adjust to California life. Finding where everything was, was a little bit as a challenge, as I waited for Daniel to get home from work so I could find my way around, because I did not like the way some of the people drive here. It took me about a week to get the nerve to drive. :) Not only were we learning to live a different way of life, we traveled up to my parents place to watch and rejoice with my brother, James, as he went from being a single man to a married man. A couple days before James' wedding, my sister, Tiffany, gave birth to her first child. She had a beautiful girl. Joshua has take quite a liking to her! :)

Dad, getting ready for the wedding

William and Joshua were ring bearers in James and Jill's wedding. This was their second wedding in a year to be ring bearers, and to do it together. I think they did a better job the second time...

Tiffany and Ben's baby girl, Lilyana Shapirta Hector

This post is becoming a long post, so I think it best to stop here. The month of May was a busy and fun month for us. It is full of pictures that would not fit into this post. So, come back soon to see our month of May!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Family 2010 Newsletter!

This past year has been a blessing to our family. We have all grown closer together as we trusted God through our easy and difficult times. Please join us as we look back on 2010, and thank God where He has lead us.

Daniel started his 4th year with Hunt Construction in February. Alt
hough he has had some good months and some stressful months, God has carried him and our family through on a daily basis. Daniel continues to remain a wonderful Husband, Father, and Provider. This past year, Joshua has wanted Daniel more than he has wanted Mommy, and it has been such a delight to see the two boys rolling around on the floor and giggling really hard. Daniel has helped his Dad with numerous projects this year, and we have been able to see his family at least twice a month. Besides taking out the garbage, Daniel likes to keep his garage cleaned and organized!

Christa continues to do a wonderful job taking care of our home and caring for our son. In February, we moved into our first home, and it has been such a delight to watch her care for the affairs of our home. She has started some schooling with Joshua, a
nd it is wonderful to see how both she and Joshua light up when Joshua says the "correct" answer! Besides being a Bride in her own wedding, Christa was blessed to be in her first wedding as the Matron of Honor in her sister Tiffany and Ben Hector's wedding in May. Christa still gets a little upset when I walk on her freshly vacuumed floor, but she is doing much better than when we were first married!

On November 24th, we celebrated 4 years of marriage! Yes
, we have had our rough patches, but God has sought to take those times and draw us closer together. We are still madly in love! :)

Joshua turned 2 on February 28th, and it has been such a deli
ght to us both to watch our son grow. We pray to the Lord each day, that He would bless our son. He has been and remains a joy to our family. This past year he started out liking "Cars" and "Thomas the Train", and now has moved on to "Toy Story", but still likes to play with his cars and trains. He counts 1-20 on his own, and sings his ABC's. He loves singing "Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow", "O Worship the King", "Silent Night", and "Holy, Holy, Holy". He is memorizing the "Children's Shorter Catechism" and it puts a big smile on your faces when he answers the question in a goofy mood, but he loves being asked. He reminds Daddy and Mommy to ask him. He prays on his own, and sometimes, it is hard not to laugh when he says something funny in his prayers! Joshua was a ring bearer for the first time in Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Ben's wedding, and he looks forward to being a ring bearer again in his Uncle James and soon-to-be Aunt Jill's wedding in April. We have been blessed to visit with Christa's family more than twice this year. We have such a wonderful time being with them, that it is hard to leave them when we have to go back home.

Although, we do not know what is in store for our family in 2011, we are still eager to see what God has for us! May God richly bless your family in 2011!

Daniel, Christa, and Joshua Blanchard