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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We are all doing well!  Normally, I (Christa), would be posting from my parents place about now, but I am still here in Texas.  One of Daniel's sisters live in England, and she arrived on Monday, so, we are here spending some time with her!  

Joshua is growing more and more each day!  Each morning that I get him out of his bed, he greets me with a bright cheery smile and laugh!  He continues to be a joy to us.  He is walking everywhere, talking up a storm, getting into things that are new to him, and trying to help around with the chores.  He loves to get in Daniel's last drawer, take all Daniel's blue jeans out and try to re-fold and put them back in the drawer!  He also loves to take certain objects and acts like he is talking on the phone.  Of course he loves talking on the "real" phone too! :-)

This video was taken this evening right after dinner!!  Joshua was praying all by himself!! (Normally, after we get done praying and say "amen" he claps and giggles!) 

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sea World, Downtown Disney, and Coco Beach

Daniel and Joshua hanging out with the fish!

Entrance into Sea World

Daniel entering the Bear Cave

Joshua enjoying the fish beneath his feet!

Happy, but hot!!

Joshua loved this ride

Which direction...North or South Pole?

Daniel pretending it was cold! 

Wonder World.  Because the way it sits, it screeches at night!

We did go in here, and I most likely will not go in there again! :-)

Joshua loved the Beach

(Videos of Shamu, the big Killer Whale are coming!  Blogger is having a problem with my videos right now!!)