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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hiking in Davis, Oklahoma

This past weekend we took a couple from our church and went hiking in the beautiful nature that God created in Oklahoma. We had a wonderful time walking and the fellowship of good friends. Joshua had a grand time. He did not want to be carried, but want to walk. But, walking by his self, he was worn out! :-) He felt like a big boy and was all full of smiles and giggles!!

"I can walk by myself if that is fine with you Mrs. G!?"

"Rocks...can I touch them Mommy?"

"Are you sure I can touch them?"

"Daddy, can I go touch the water?"

Father and Son

Joshua enjoying his stick

This is the beautiful lake we went swimming in. That is until we found leeches on our feet. We were very blessed that Joshua did not have a single leech on him, and he just sat there watch all of us panic trying to get these things off of us!

Can you see the Castle?