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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Life in the Past Ten Months Series...Post 1

It is time for us to update our family blog! There have been so many things going on in our every day lives that the blog has been put to the side. But, as things start to calm down, I can focus on updating the past ten months of our life. As most of you know, we moved out to California for sometime for one of Daniel's projects. A job that was suppose to last for six weeks, turned into seven and half months.

We are now settle back into a beautiful home in Texas, and are trying to re-adjust to Texas life!! Daniel is at another project, which is coming to an end, but is enjoying being back around familiar territory. Joshua has a vocabulary that seems to grow on a daily basis. Joshua has also entered a stage where the talking never stops and he has multiple questions and lots of information to share with you. He is happy and thrilled to have a front and back yard where he can ride his tricycle and push his bubble lawn mower.

Now, this post takes us back to California. I thought since I did not post any pictures from our stay in California, that I would go back and post them. Instead of posting our trip in one post, I have it spread out to several post. So, keep coming back to see an update!

The first post is our trip to Universal Studios.

To get to the doors of Universal Studios, you had to go through the market street.

Joshua got to meet "Curious George". At the time that we went, Joshua's favorite book was "Curious George"! So he was so happy to see a live version of George.

Riding a train that takes you to see all the different stage sets they have to make up different movies.

First up, the town that makes up Dr. Seuss' world...

During our ride, we got to see a real live set...

The next couple pictures are "sets" of a downtown city. All the films that take place in a city are done here. The first picture was the main street for the "Andy Griffith" shows.

Come back to see pictures of our Adventure at Legoland!!


James McDonald said...

Great photos - and a wonderful family. I love you all!

Jessica McDonald said...

AHH! I loved reading this blog post! Driving through the sets of those "cities" must have been so neat! Do you know what other films have been shot there? Anyway, very cool. :D I'm looking forward to the next post! Love you!

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...


Thank you! We all love you and miss you!


It was neat seeing all the different sets. They had a whole western town, but because the train did not really stop, those pictures came out a little blurry. But you can see most of the Western town in the second video. I have some beautiful pictures of four homes sets that I could post up. At least they were beautiful until I found out they were the homes for the TV show "Despite Housewives". They have some other "closed in" sets where they make the movies. We did pass by one set where they were working on the movie "Hop".

Love you!!