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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just an Update

Well I'd suppose some thought I'd never post on this blog again. I'm sorry to say "your wrong". I enjoy allowing others to keep up with the day to day activites, but that said I can't keep up with the time. The only reason I'm posting right now is because Christa told me "since you have a free second you should post something on the blog.". So that said, here is an update.
My life right now is fairly boring (in some ways). I'm trying to complete the two projects that I'm working on. Actually took Christa to work on Saturday. On a side note, happy be-lated birthdays to my mother, sister Kelly, sister Faith, and my sister-in-law Grace. Sorry this is so late.

1 comment:

Simply Tiffany said...

Awwww....come on Daniel! We wanted a "real" post from you. Not...whatever you call that! ;-)