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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Just Keeping Busy

This past Saturday, Daniel and I enjoyed putting a garden in our backyard. It feels so good to garden again!

Daniel is doing well at work and staying busy. It is neat to see all the work that his does and watch the buildings go up! They say that one building will be done the end of May, and the other one in August, but it looks as though we might be here a little longer than planned!

I am doing well and keeping busy with decorating and cleaning our home. Now that we are unpacked, I can get to the serious cleaning. Today, I have spent my time on my hands and knees scrubing our kitchen floor. After mopping it several times, it would still be sticky and look dirty. As I cleaned up a water spill, I found that our floor has glue on it! No wonder it always looked dirty! Below are some pictures of our tiny garden and the kitchen floor( The dark parts of the floor is the glue and the dirty it was collecting. The last picture is the finished product.).


Anonymous said...

WOW, that floor was soooo dirty... ;)

Jessica McDonald said...

It looks a lot better, Christa!! :D

luv you!


MW said...

There's something so refreshing about a freshly cleaned floor! Good job, Christa!

I "know" your mom a little from the PW list, so I've been keeping an eye on your blog, remembering my days as a new wife fondly (not that they were *that* long ago, lol). Now that we've been married more than eight years I can honestly say that it just gets better and better!

Is there any update on your little sister?

Take care,
Mae - a sister in Christ from Virginia

Kieran said...

Once, while I was babysitting my cousin, he got into the kitchen cabnet with the olive oil, knocked it out and broke it. Have you ever tried to clean up about 6 cups of olie oil? I'm sure glue in in the same field...