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Sunday, February 24, 2013


I can not believe that it has almost been a year since I last wrote a blog post!!  Much has happened in our life, and I am completely amazed what God had/has in store for our family!  Let me start where I last left off...

I finished Young Living's Slique diet program.  With the help of a local gym, Cyclone Classes (also known as Spinning Class), along with the diet program, I am happy to report that I lost a total of....20 pounds!!

In September, we flew up to go visit my family since I had not seen them since Christmas.  This visit was short, but wonderful.  Filled with so many memories that will be cherished.

We made our 13 move back to Dallas the end of October.  That was a busy month as we had a week for Daniel to be at his new job.  He is still working for the same company, but has a new job position...one that allows us to stay in one location.  

While living with Daniel's family, we prayed and waited to see if we should continue renting or if we should a buy home.  So, the month of November and part of December was spent in looking at homes.  Before we left to go visit my family for Christmas, we found a beautiful home that still needed to be finished being built.  We walked through the home, and both said that we should get this house.  Everything was according to God's plan, as this home and everything that followed fell right into place!  On January 30th, we made our 14th move and last into our home, and have been busy decorating since then.

As every December, we went to visit my family.  It was a busy season, but we all had a blast!  Tiffany and Ben had their second baby, a boy, towards the end of December.  They did not make it up for Christmas, but we were able to spend New Year's Eve with them, and I was able to cuddle with my new Nephew!!

Joshua is becoming more of a big boy!  He has started to read...just three letter words right now, and he can officially write his first name.  :-)  He loves singing, poking around on the piano, pretending he is Grandpoppy (my Dad) preaching, drawing, cooking, and playing Mindcraft (which he is pretty good at! ;-))  And, on February 28th, he is turning 5!!  Where did the time go???

Our biggest news :

We are Pregnant!!

Yes, that is correct!  We found out that I am pregnant on November 12th, 2012.  We have had some scares, which had me seeing a doctor every week and drawing blood.  I think I am becoming less frightened of needles!  ;-)This baby has made it this far, and we praise God for giving us this newest blessing!!  On February 28th, we find out if we are having another boy or a girl.  Joshua is pretty excited at his newest sibling.  He asks many questions during the week about the baby, and we watch his eyes light up when we answer his questions.  :-)  We are excepting the arrival of this baby in July!!

I will try harder in keeping this blog updated.  Especially, with our newest member on the way!  I will also put pictures of Joshua and the house up shortly!

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