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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Just Some Photos!!

The happy Couple

Our happy little family

What a little doll

Dancing his heart away

"What are you talking about?"

So happy!!

Father and Son

"Hi Mommy! I'll come right back up!"

"I am down here Mommy!!"

How big is the Baby??

So big!!!

"Let me tickle you Daddy!"

"Ah, Daddy is coming to get me Mommy"

Tickle Tickle


"This is a treat...Mommy does not let me walk around with my food!"

"Look Mommy, I climb up here all by myself"

Peeking through the screen!


Lenna said...

All those pictures are so cute...especially like the couple one! :)

Angie said...

The photos are GREAT. Praise Jesus for wonderful marriages, and Godly men!


Abigail said...

Three weeks seem SO far away! **pouts** I miss you! Kiss the baby for me!

~Auntie Abby

Jessica McDonald said...

Wow! It should be wrong to have such an absolutely cute nephew!!!

And that picture of you and Daniel is gorgeous. I love it!!!


Love, Jess

Evelyn said...

Lovely pictures!

Stacy McDonald said...

We need some of these photos (especially the family photo) in hard copy. It's very sad when grandma has to print low res photos off the Internet to frame!!!!!!

Can't wait to give y'all a big hug in person!!!!!

Erin said...

Hey Christa! Remember me - Erin (Giese) Roland? I saw a comment from you on the Riddell Girl's blog and clicked to find your precious family! Congratulations on your marriage and adorable little boy! Feel free to check out my xanga: www.xanga.com/jeroland to see what's happening in our part of the world! Let's keep in touch:)

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...


It is great to hear from you. I actually have been thinking of you lately, and was very tempted to ask Lindsey if there was anyway I could see how you were doing!! I would love to keep in touch!