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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Of My Wonderful Sisters!

Today(October 22nd) is Jessica Nicole's birthday!  She is 18 years old, and a beautiful young lady!  Jessica has/is one of my best friends.  For awhile, Jessica and I shared a room.  We had times when we got along great, and we have had times when we were upset with one another and got onto each others nerves, but the most special time I remember with my sister, is those late nights when we could not sleep, we would talk and giggle.  And when the giggling would start, our door would soon be opened and either Mom or Dad would be in the doorway and say "Girl's, lights are out.  It is time to go to bed!".  I miss you Jessica, but I am grateful to the Lord for such a gift as you and to have been able to watch you blossom into a young lady!  May God bless you my Dear Sister!

As for Emma, time flew by, I was not able to wish this little girl a "Happy Birthday"!  Emma turned six on the 2nd of this month.  Emma is also one of my favorite sisters.  Where ever our family went, Emma was my little friend to keep an eye on.  I love you Emma, and Happy belated Birthday!

1 comment:

Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

Thank you for the sweet post, Christa! I love you and miss you so much that it hurts. What a blessing it is to have you as my sister! I love you!!!!!!

Love and hugs, Jess