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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daniel and I like to walk every night, but due to my allergies, we have to walk indoors.  So, the past week we have been walking through the mall.  Although, we like the outdoors better!

We walked past a baby studio and I just wanted to see how much their prices were since we really needed to get Joshua's pictures done and a family picture (we still do not have one!).  So, after talking with this lady, we were about to leave, when she asked us to stay for a little bit and she would do a free sitting with us and we would have a free 5x7 and to view our photo's online as well.  Who could pass up a deal?

Below are the pictures that we choose.  We are still going to set up an appointment and get some nicer ones! :-)


Jessica NicDhòmhnaill said...

*BAWLS* He is absolutely TOO cute!! *BAWLS LOUDER* Wish I could see him in person. :(
His chubby cheeks are just BEGGING for a big kiss!! :-) Give him lots of them for me!! :-)


Love, Jess

Jared said...

These are some very cute pictures. I am glad to hear that ee is feeling better.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! They are all adorable; I think I like the first one best.
Mrs. Dumais

Whittemore Family said...

He looks great! Love the photos...
We really need to get some done with our little ones.

God bless,