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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Three Months and a Hair Cut (Not Joshua)!

This evening I cut Daniel's hair for the first time - with a little help from our neighbor. She did two examples and then let me do the rest while she followed me around! I thought it was fun and I'm all ready for Daniel to need another hair cut!!

Joshua turned 3 months today and he is growing too fast! He has been a joy to our family and we treasure each day we are blessed to spend time with him. He smiles a lot and is finding out he has a voice. He loves to talk to his daddy! He has laughed a couple times, but those have been mostly in his sleep. He actually wakes himself up by laughing! :-)

He has his first airplane ride on June 11th, as he and I make our way up to Illinois to visit my family and meet some of them for the first time (all except Mom and Jessica)! Daniel will join Joshua and I on July 3rd, and spend the 4th of July with my family. We also plan on having Joshua's Baptism on July 6th. Daniel, Joshua, and I make our way home on the 7th.

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