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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Six Weeks Old

Today we had Joshua weighed at our Lactation Consultant's house. He now weighs 8 Ibs. 5 oz.! :-)


Simply Tiffany said...

Awwwwww.......he's SOOOOOOOOOOO absolutely adorable!!! I love the new pics. :) Nice hair style...you look cute too! ;-)

Chenderson said...

And who can argue with that? Look at those full cheeks! He's so precious......

Mrs. Henderson

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's wonderful! I am sure that you are so proud of him. :) Praise the Lord for His constant providence!

Y'all look so cute together, btw...I can't wait to see you again!

~Rachel H.

Elissa said...

He's SUCH a beautiful baby!!! BTW congratulations, sorry for not stopping by and congratulating sooner :)