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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

40 Days Old

We have just started to smile this week! I took these pictures on my phone today, while sitting in the midwives office for our six week check-up.


Michelle said...

Daniel and Christa,

He is just gorgeous! I can't believe that he is 6 weeks old! Time has just gone so fast.

I've really enjoyed watching him grow.

Love Michelle

Chenderson said...

Oh Christa! These photos bring back so many mommy momments for me. I feel so tickled....

He looks absolutely precious...you did good!

love and blessings to all!

Mrs. Henderson

Melissa said...


He is SOOOOO CUTE!!!!:) I wish I could hold him right now! Hope to see y'all very soon!:)

Luv y'all,

Auntie Lala:D

Abigail said...


He is so cute! :-) See you in May!

Auntie Abigail

Stacy McDonald said...

I think he must be dreamin' of his grandma and grandpa. ;-) Can't wait until y'all get here!


lcrmum said...

He is so cute! You can see the weight gain in these photos. Did they weight him this time? It is so sweet when they start smiling and cooing. :)