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Friday, August 5, 2011

Life Full of God's Riches Part 2...

The month of May, was a joyous month.

My (Christa) parents came from Illinois to California for the Annual Presbytery of the CPC Churches
. Daniel, Joshua and I were able to attend this year, because it was almost in our backyard. Joshua and I were also able to stay a couple days more to spend time with my family and enjoy the hospitality of the Hector family (Tiffany's In-laws), and they took the time to take us to see Yosemite. Sadly, I have no pictures of Presbytery or the couple of days we spent with the Hector's, but I was able to get some pictures of Yosemite!

My Beautiful Parents, James and Stacy McDonald

My dream when I was younger, and once I had children, was that my parents would be involved in my child's life. This picture put a big smile on my face, and now holds a deep memory in my heart.

Aunts, Uncle, and Nephew all hanging out on a log

June came along and Cars 2 came out. If you know Joshua, you know his favorite movie is Cars. So, the morning after it came out, we surprised Joshua and went to see it. He was thrilled! :)

Not only did we go see a movie, but we did a lot of shopping for clothes and took lots of Mommy and Joshua photos.

We have a friend that works at Universal Studios, so she was able to get us some tickets for a REALLY good price. Joshua enjoyed seeing one of his favorite characters...Curious George.

Our 4th of July was spent with my sister, Tiffany, her husband, Ben, and their beautiful daughter, Lilyana. I would post more pictures, but I am still waiting to get some more from my sister! :)

Our first part of August has started off really busy. Daniel is working around the clock. Many late nights, some night shifts, and working almost every weekend. So, Joshua and I are trying to keep ourselves busy and distracted while Daniel is gone. When Daniel is home, we try to soak up every minute with him, thus meaning, no chores are done. :) This is just the first part of August. Joshua and I leave in two and a half weeks for Texas to go back for a special wedding.

Joshua's John Deere tractor that he made with some help from Mommy

The Many Faces of Joshua....

Goodbye for now!! :)


Jessica McDonald said...

I love how CHOCK FULL this post is of pictures!!! :D I soooo enjoyed reading the post & getting a glimpse into y'all's day to day doings. :-)

Love y'all! xxx

Jess/Aunt Jessica

Angie said...

What a blessing Christa. Can't believe how much Joshua has grown. You look great. I miss seeing you at the conferences:)