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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Lord's Blessings...

Traveling is starting to slow down for us, and it has been so nice to be one happy little family again!! We have certainly missed the family quality time together!! You really realize the meaning of family and how important each member is to you. Even though the traveling has slowed down, life has not. We remain just as busy, and yet, thankful to God for all that He is doing in our lives.

Daniel has been working very hard and having early mornings and some late nights. He has 26 more days on this job, and we are still awaiting were we are going next. Daniel is a wonderful provider for this family, and we are certain grateful for his hard work.

I am not only busy taking care of our home and Joshua, but doing some piano teaching on the side. It has been a joy to see my students go from not knowing any music to playing easy songs on the piano!

Joshua is getting bigger each day. He is also adding more words to his vocabulary! :) And, he is a joy to listen to and also to try figuring out what he is asking when he asks you a question. He really makes your day brighter when you are feeling down. He sits for hours just playing with his tunka trucks and his legos. He also helps with the chores around here! He unloads his dishes and the tuber ware out of the dishwasher, and he puts all his toys away after he plays with them (with some encouraging help from Mommy and Daddy). This past month, Joshua transitioned into a toddler bed, which he thoroughly enjoys! He now walks himself to bed and after we are done praying, he falls asleep on his own. Sometimes we are blessed and he comes up to us and asks "choo choo?", which is our saying for night night. For the most part he stays in his bed when he is down for the night until morning!

1 comment:

Naomi Joy said...

What a cute toddler bed! I can't believe he sleeps so well. . all your work must have paid off! Hey, thank you for your sweet comment on my milk question the other day. . people sure have a lot of different ideas and I really appreciated what you said about Joshua being perfectly fine on milk and God giving me peace no matter what we decide. Such wise advice! Right now Betsy's on half milk, half formula, and I think we may just stick with that for the time being, since her diapers have been just fine. I hope you have a great day!