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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joshua's Very First Steps!

Enjoy Joshua's very first steps!  We are blessed to see our son go through his stages of life!

(Note: The blanket in the background is covering all the clothes that Joshua has grown out of! )


Melissa said...

OH MY!!!! I wish I could be there to experience this very special part of his life!! He is getting sooo big!

Sending all my love to y'all,

Auntie Lala

James McDonald said...

This makes a grandpa proud! Y'all are a blessing to us - each of you!

Stacy McDonald said...

Woo Hoo!!!! You go, Joshua!!! Just think how much there is to get into now!

We love y'all! Just wish we could be there - or you here, not sure which.

Big kisses and hugs from grandma!

Chenderson said...

Now this is a video every parent can appreciate, good for you little guy! I"d still vote for you to be pres!

Mrs. Henderson