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Monday, November 24, 2008

Two Years!

It was two years ago today, that my father, Reverend James McDonald, placed my hand in Mr. Daniel J.K. Blanchard's.  It was on that day that my name became Mrs. Christa Marie McDonald Blanchard.

Within this past year, God has richly blessed the Daniel Blanchard family!  Allow me to share...

1. God has blessed Daniel and I in a way that is hard to explain.  God, has allowed us to trust, honor, and respect each other in times that are not difficult and in times that are difficult, and in times that we come together as a family to worship our Lord.

2. We patiently waited the arrival of our first baby.  Joshua was born into our family on February 28th.  He has been a blessings to Daniel and I as we watch him grow and we pray daily for our "pooh bear" that him might come to know our Lord and Savior and endeavor to follow after Him.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Daniel Dear!!



Simply Tiffany said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO!!!!! I can't believe it's been two years already!!!! Ahhhh! Where has all the time gone?!?!? And you still don't live up here. ;) And now that I have a nephew, you really ought consider moving out this way. ;)

The Hector Family said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!!

Has it really been two years since the wedding? I remember while on a family vacation stopping at this little church in Katy, TX. There was the couple who was courting, and I was particularly touched by the care shown by the gentleman. It was an example I took away from that visit....

(Care to guess who that couple was?)

Here's to another eighty or ninety years!