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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prayer For Joshua!

Joshua will be admitted into a Sleep Institute today( the sleep institute is where they deprive babies from sleeping) for an EEG scan.  It is just for today and I will be there right beside him.  Then tomorrow morning we have another doctors meeting, and then we will be setting up a time for the MRI before this week is over.

Yesterday, Joshua had an episode of displaying the signs of seizures.  We do not know for sure that he has seizures (that is why we are doing the tests!), so , if you could be in prayer for our family, that the Lord's Will be done in this situation. 

We will know more by the end of the week, and I will keep you updated!



Jared said...

I will keep him and you in prayer through this uncertain time. I hope things come out positive.

God bless

The DeL Sisters said...

We will have you in our prayers!

He is a cute little guy!

The Dels of Texas

Heather said...

We are praying for your family!

Love, Heather