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Thursday, July 19, 2007

For Those Who Do Not Know!

Most of you had heard that we were moving to Tennessee, but now our plans have changed! Last Friday, we were told we are not moving to Tennessee, but to Dallas!

Our plans are to move to Dallas next Thursday, so please be in prayer as we move and get settled in!


Joi said...


I don't know if your mom told you, but I live in Memphis and was corresponding with her a little about your move to Memphis. I was looking forward to meeting you all. But the LORD has His plans!! Maybe our paths will cross some other time. May the LORD bless you all and congratulations on your little one on the way!!

Chenderson said...

Great! Dallas is closer than Tennessee, although....I know you'd rather be closer to your family.

You'll probably see each other more often...babies have a way of affecting grandparents!

Blessings to you and Daniel.
How are you feeling?

In Christ Service,

Texas Mama said...

My computer crashed and so I lost some of my email addresses? Can you email me? Thanks!

Jenny Ervin