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Friday, June 1, 2007


Ah, were does the time go??

I am doing great! The surgery went well, and my recovery was very fast(which most people say is unusual!). I am enjoying walking around and being able to clean the house and drive the car!! :-)

Daniel and I are doing well. Daniel's job is getting finished and the structures they are building are looking more and more like buildings every day!

We went to stay with Daniel's family on Memorial Day and had an enjoyable time. We will be seeing them next week and will hopefully be able to ride some horses!!

As from what I gather from my family they are doing well! I am really looking forward to seeing them in FOUR weeks!! I miss them so much!

Well, that is all I can think of right now and Daniel just called and said he is on his way home for lunch. So, I will close for now!

Oh, Mrs. Henderson, I am so sorry I missed your call!! I wanted so much to talk to you and when I heard your message, I was upset with myself! I was available (Daniel and I were just playing cards), but when the phone said it had no number, I did not pick it up! The last time I answered a no number call, it was a really weird person! Sorry!

Blessings to all!

1 comment:

Chenderson said...

Praise God your surgery went well.
Take it easy, sometimes after surgery you tire out all of sudden.

Glad to hear you are driving; how wonderful for you. May you and Daniel be richly blessed!

As for the phone call, I can always try again. I'm actually calling you; using my skype account on the computer, so I don't expect a number to show up. That's okay, we'll see each other soon enough.

Send greetings to your family for us and blessing as well!

God Bless you!