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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The sun has finally been shining and the days have been beautiful - until about three o'clock this morning! We had a thunder stom with very fast winds. I thought the wind was going to break our windows! Thankfully, the only thing that was damaged on our property was the post that holds our house number fell down (and that holds a corner of the roof). We also found a leak in our kitchen ceiling next to our front door! But, if you go outside you will see that the storm did some damage to our neighbors! Below are some pictures from the storm.

As for the life of Daniel and Christa, we are doing pretty well and staying busy! We have found that we have to move out of our duplex by the 27th of July! Where are we moving next? Well, it is not totally certain, but it looks like it will be Dallas.

We spent Daniel's birthday in Dallas house hunting and spending time with his family! Daniel has entered the world of 24!! :-) And, he says he already feels pretty old!

This past weekend we spent our time with Wesley and Rachel Hurd, Katy, Zach,, and most of the Franklin family! We had a wonderful time at the Psalm sing, seeing old friends and singing! Later that evening we attended a ball with them, and Daniel had an enjoyable time at his first ball!

Daniel is on his way home for lunch, so I need to go get it started so he can eat! Blessings!


Anonymous said...

Wow Christa, I can't believe that you are moving again so soon! You surely will leave this place in great shape for the next tenant! You did alot of work in it during your short stay. I hope you find a place in Dallas soon.
Mrs. Dumais

Jessica McDonald said...

Christa, are you going to post photos of the ball and the psalm sing?? :D


Chenderson said...

Looks like changes seem to be the theme for you these last few months. I know your ready for it all. My brother lives in Seagoville (dallas). What area are you concentrating on?
I look foward to seeing you again, say hello to the Franklin family for me.
God Bless you; and send our best to your husband!

Anonymous said...

We DID have fun, didn't we?? Even if some of us ended up with sunburns...;) Can't wait to see ya'll again!


Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...


I am sorry not to be able to post pictures of Psalm sing and the ball!! Each time we were going to bring the camera, we somehow kept walking out the door without the camera!!! Don't worry, I was upset with myself!