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Monday, February 12, 2007

I know it is a little early(five days, but we are going to be really busy this week and I did not want to forget!), but I wanted to wish my sister, Tiffany, a Happy Birthday! It is hard to believe you are 21! :-) I miss our conversations, sewing together, playing music together, but I mostly miss your smile! May God richly bless you now and in the future dear sister! I love you!

Also, Happy Birthday to Faith, Kelly and Mrs. Blanchard( not me, Daniel's Mom)...Daniel WILL post later! (This is an obligation honey! :-) )


Kieran said...

Happy birthday Tiffany!!

Chenderson said...

where have the years gone? Happy Birthday Tiffany!
Good to see you posting...
Mrs. Henderson

sierra candler said...

Happy Birthday Tiff!