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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

As much as we are enjoying this cold weather, the ice here has become very terrible. As of right now, our apartment steps have an inch of ice on them. Daniel has to take the car scraper and scrape off the steps so we can get down without falling. Although, Daniel went to go and check the mail last night, and fell down fifteen steps, and landed really hard on his knee. I was in our bedroom and ran out when I heard all the thumping. I had found Daniel outside on the ground and when he came up he had put a nice hole in his good jeans.


Chenderson said...

My goodness! Did he get hurt? This is where bieng youg helps!
Becareful out there, looks like we're missing all the action...
Mrs. Henderson

djkell said...

No, I'm fine. Thanks for the worrying though. How's the mission field?


The Unknown said...

I don't think this global warming thing is all it is cracked up to be!

In Him,

Mrs. U said...

Mrs. Blanchard,
I hope your husband is alright after that nasty fall! Oh my!!

I really have enjoyed reading your blog. I especially like your photo demonstration of your chocolate mousse! Yum!

Mrs. U

Angie said...

Not sure if you remember me-Angie Sellers-friends of the Henderson's.We had that 4th of July gathering!
How is married life treating you?

Jessica McDonald said...

lol. Poor Daniel! :D Sorry, I couldn't resist a little giggle. :D
We have snow up here and it's absolutly gorgeous!! Too bad y'all can't come see it...:(
we miss y'all lots.

luv you guys,

dielle said...

Hi Christa,
It's nice to see you and Daniel happily settled in to married life. That mousse you made looks delicious! Well done! :)
Mrs. Habegger

Anonymous said...

Wow--so ya'll had ice, too?? We got snow and ice at different times and Wesley even had to stay home from work for one day. (Aw, shucks! ;) I'm glad to know that Daniel isn't hurt, though--ice can be a nasty thing!


Kieran said...

Congratulations! (belated) I don't know if you remember me. I met you and your lovely family one year when you came to Ft. Worth and visited out church. I am a friend of the Hurd family and Rachel (now Hurd) is looking over my shoulder. LOL! So glad to find you online!

Daniel and Christa Blanchard said...

Yes, Kieran I remeber you! It nice to hear from you! And if Rachel is looking over your shoulder tell her I said "hi"!